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High Pressure Steam

Benefits of steam

  • As a deep cleaning solution, steam has many benefits over other cleaning options making it the first choice for leading cleaning professions.
  • Steam effectively cleans areas that other methods cannot and without the use of toxic, noxious or irritating chemicals.
  • Steam will generally help to maintain a clean and sanitary environment helping to prevent the spread of contagious diseases so common in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries and office working environments.
  • Dry steam cleaning reaches into the tiniest cracks and crevices and drives out dirt and germs from areas other cleaning methods cannot reach.
  • Steam cleaning is also an excellent solution for removing baked on grease from stoves, ovens, range hoods and fryers.
  • Steam also kills and removes mould, mildew, fungus and bacteria and with it the odours they cause making areas smell cleaner too.


 Something about our high preasure steam cleaning machines:

Our commercial/industrial 8 bar pressure steam cleaning machines incorporating a chemical delivery system.High temperature steam (up to 175 degrees) penetrates deep into surfaces sanitising and killing bacteria in a wide variety of commercial environments and the integral vacuum ensures surfaces are left clean & dry.All our machines are made from a stainless steel to meet hygienic requirements. 


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