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Graffiti removal 

Graffiti removal is the process of removing unnecessary marks by paint or any substances which degrade the overall value of the estate. As more and more buildings are being built yearly, more and more cases of vandalism are being recorded over time. Because of this, entrepreneurs do their best in order to protect their assets by acquiring office cleaning services from the professionals. These experts are trained to remove even the oldest graffiti in town without damaging the original surface. Removing graffiti should be done using biodegradable cleaning products in order to avoid damaging the environment in the process. 



Removing graffiti has become a world-wide problem in almost all building establishments thus office cleaning services now include an effective and safe removal process.


We use a non-damage system which removes all types of graffiti. We can remove graffiti from surfaces such as brickwork, stone, sandstone, concrete, aluminum, poles, bus shelters, pavements, signage, glass, metal and vehicles without using abrasive techniques.


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