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You only have one chance to make a first impression and presenting a clean office environment is critical in impressing clients and maintaining a positive work atmosphere. The superior office cleaning standards we set for ourselves help to ensure that your London office will always look its best, afford your building a longer useful life and enhance your building's real property value. As London commercial cleaning professionals, we participate in the industry organization most directly related to promoting excellence in the building services industry. Let us take care of the work, so you can concentrate on what is important to you, your business. Attracting and keeping clients is the core of your business; providing a clean and comfortable office environment is ours through our quality janitorial and contract cleaning services.

How is Your Office Space Cleaned ?

Office environments require careful dusting and wiping, floor care, thorough restroom cleaning and trash removal. One-size-fits-all cleaning does not work. Some offices have lobbies and conference rooms that are frequently used by customers and visitors; areas that are rarely used, such as unoccupied office space; call centers with hundreds of cubicles and phones; glass that needs to be cleaned monthly; or special equipment that needs care.


B & D cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

  • We clean unsightly computer monitors.
  • We vacuum all carpet surfaces. Not just traffic areas.
  • We maintain clean glass surfaces.
  • We properly clean desktop/workplace surfaces without disrupting your desktop items and papers.
  • We will keep those unsightly fingerprints off your breakroom cabinets, microwaves, and refridgerators.
  • We take the unsightly "splash" off your restroom walls and partitions.


Call B & D Cleaning Services on 07511 623 000 for more information. We will be able to customize a cleaning schedule based on your workspace, current business needs and budget. We will ask the right questions to understand what is the most important to you so that the cleaning consistently meets your expectations and requirements. 


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