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Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen, whether it’s in a restaurant, cafe, club, or hotel, can sometimes look clean when it’s not.

Deep steam kitchen cleaning 

Commercial kitchen cleaning is one of our main services. Our team of professional kitchen cleaning experts are able to clean everything back to its original state from canopies, extractor fans and filters, etc.


You know that a Health Inspection or a Fire Inspection could happen at any time. Is your commercial kitchen and your exhaust ducting systems clean enough to pass?

If your staff are following a suitable standard restaurant kitchen cleaning schedule, then your commercial kitchen should look clean. But your staff can only clean what they can see.


Most of the real health and fire issues can’t be seen. It’s the buildup of grease, fat and oil that ends up inside, under, between and behind your equipment that is the real problem.

Surprisingly, only some commercial kitchen cleaning services will even move your kitchen appliances away from the wall when cleaning (unfortunately not all), but that still doesn’t get a great clean.

B & D cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Ovens 
  • Deep fat fryers
  • tiles
  • Fridges
  • Grills
  • Floors
  • Cookers
  • Canopy hood
  • Exhaust systems  

Everything can be steam cleaned in your kitchen, leaving your kitchen germ free, smelling fresh and most importantly within the health and safety guidelines.

Stop worrying about the Inspector

We can professionally provide these kitchen cleaning services without any interruption to your business. Most of the time we work out of hours or at weekends and this is all part of the service we offer. All kitchens or extractor hoods we clean receive a certificate and photos on request.


Call B & D Cleaning Services on 07511 623 000 for more information. We will be able to customize a cleaning schedule based on your workspace, current business needs and budget. We will ask the right questions to understand what is the most important to you so that the cleaning consistently meets your expectations and requirements. 


Would you also like a free no-obligation demonstration from some of our expert cleaning services?

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime on the contact number above.